A series of collages pasted onto photos taken by Malte Spindler calling attention to the ending era of brutalist architecture in Hamburg, Germany. The series was accompanied by the poem “ode to concrete” written by Laura Lichtblau and published in Gentle Rain issue 02. Art direction by Die BRUEDER Publishing.

o d e    t o    c o n c r e t e

stricken smoothness
opposite of split in two
grey batter in
rain sleet and hail
we do believe in
your endurance
béton brut
your entrances smell
cold and blue
(they smell like 1994)

the sky’s the
aqua turcoise cyan
backdrop of your
light grey
chipping edges with the aerosols
and kites

o concrete
thou shalt live three airways long

you host the letters, people’s lives
you span the rivers.
you remind
of wars less than my grandma’s memory ago.
you stand. you stay.
you grey in grace no matter what

a scent called
béton brut, glasdust, winter
i would wear
i promise that